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No More Inflation

A full length film that will trip millions down the Bitcoin rabbit hole.

First The Black Pill

Why does everything get more expensive and what happens next?

Then The Orange Pill

How does Bitcoin work and what about the bad things I’ve heard?

Why am I making this film?

To raise the Bitcoin conversation globally and enlighten millions before the next financial disaster.

All of A Sudden

A small piece of “No More Inflation” about Bitcoin mining electrifying Africa.

Where will the film be published?

The goal is a major platform like Netflix, HBO or Hulu.

The massive relatable audience, high profile interviews and quality of work make it a realistic goal.

Every Bitcoiner Wins

There are many great Bitcoin resources, products and services ready and waiting for people to trip down the rabbit hole.

No More Inflation will be what they trip on, helping every Bitcoiner and Bitcoin company.

Help me finish this film

We live in the most interesting time in human history.

By capturing this, No More Inflation stands to be a timeless masterpiece.

What if you could have contributed to Michelangelo’s statue of David?

Here’s your chance.

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